Disease Ecology

students using dipnets in a pondDisease Ecology (BIOSC 1400)

This field course will take an ecological approach to the study of infectious diseases. We will explore relationships between parasites (pathogens), their hosts and the environment in which they interact, with the objective of developing an understanding of how parasites (pathogens) spread through, persist in, and impact host populations. The course will include lectures, student-led discussions, field work, and lab-based activities.

Instructor: Dr. Shane Hanlon | American Geophysical Union | shane.michael.hanlon@gmail.com
3 credits
Session 3 - June 27 - July 15
BIOSC 0370 or 0371 or BIOL 1430 or 1515, minimum Grade 'C'
Meets these requirements for Pitt BioSci Students in all majors:
Upper division lab
Upper division biology elective
Qualifies as a higher level (HL) biology elective for students in the Biological Sciences major.